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About The Center

Pediatric MS Center
Lourie Center for Pediatric MS
Department of Neurology
Stony Brook University Medical Center
HSC T-12, Room 020
Stony Brook, NY 11794
(631) 444-7802
(631) 444-6438
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We are committed to improving the lives of children with multiple sclerosis and advancing research that will benefit all individuals with MS.

The Lourie Center for Pediatric MS at Stony Brook was founded in 2002 to advance recognition, evaluation and treatment of multiple sclerosis in children. Our Center was the first in the nation to address pediatric MS by assembling a multi-disciplinary team of experts. We have brought together specialists in the disease itself, as well as pediatric neurology, neuropsychology, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric nursing, child psychiatry and neuroradiology. It is a designated "Center of Excellence" by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The team's goal is to help children with MS by identifying the biological changes in children facing MS, advancing research that could make a dramatic difference in the lives and ultimately, to find a cure for all persons with MS. We are today also recognized as the founder of an international pediatric MS research program. We have evaluated and provide ongoing treatment for more than 500 children at our center.

Physicians & Staff

Dept. of Neurology
Lauren Krupp, MD (Founder, Director)
Anita Belman, MD (Co-Director)
Maria Milazzo, RN, PNP-C

Services & Procedures

Young patients who come to our Center receive a comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluation, conducted over one to two days. This includes:

  • Extensive neurological assessment
  • Neuropsychological and psychological evaluation
  • Ophthalmologic assessment
  • Radiologic review
  • Nursing and Social Work case management
  • Transition into the adult MS practice for continuity of care

Often children with MS and their families feel isolated, never having the opportunity to form relationships and share experiences with others affected by the disease. Our Center combats this sense of isolation by providing a support network extending well beyond medical care including a unique program, Teen Adventure Camp, a week long summer program for teens with MS. For information see our website www.pediatricmscenter.org or call 631-444-7802.

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