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EAST SETAUKET, NY 11733-3465
spacespace Ph. 631-444-KIDS
spacespace Fax 631-444-4339
space space
  This is one of many convenient physician offices that are staffed by providers affiliated with Stony Brook Medicine University Physicians. There are 800 such providers practicing within 18 specialty groups that provide quality medical services from primary care to the most advanced specialty care for patients of all ages. Use the Visit our Offices link to view information on all of our locations.
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  spacebullet  spaceBENERI DO, CHRISTY
  spacebullet  spaceCHERIAN MD, JULIE
  spacebullet  spaceCOURTNEY NP, ANN
  spacebullet  spaceDECRISTOFARO MD, JOSEPH
  spacebullet  spaceFASSNACHT NP, KATHRYN
  spacebullet  spaceFINE MD, RICHARD
  spacebullet  spaceFISCHEL PHD, JANET
  spacebullet  spaceGENGLER NP, CRISTIN
  spacebullet  spaceHEYDEN DNP, MARYBETH
  spacebullet  spaceHYMES MD, SAUL
  spacebullet  spaceLANE MD, ANDREW
  spacebullet  spaceMCGOVERN MD, PHD, MARGARET
  spacebullet  spaceNACHMAN MD, SHARON
  spacebullet  spaceOSIPOFF MD, JENNIFER
  spacebullet  spaceSRIDHAR MD, SHANTHY
  spacebullet  spaceSUPE-MARKOVINA MD, KATARINA
  spacebullet  spaceTAFURI DO, KIMBERLY
  spacebullet  spaceWILSON MD, THOMAS A.
  spacebullet  spaceWORONIECKI MD, ROBERT P.

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