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SOUTHAMPTON, NY 11968-5009
spacespace Ph. 631-638-0800
spacespace Fax 631-638-0765
space space
  The Department of Anesthesiology provides all types of anesthesia services for patients at Stony Brook University Medical Center, including general, regional and monitored anesthesia care, in addition to critical care services, as indicated. Anesthesia specialists are available for general surgical procedures, as well as subspecialty care for cardiac, pediatric, obstetric, vascular, neuro and ambulatory office-based anesthesia needs. An anesthesia care team approach is utilized throughout each patient’s encounter, since it provides the most comprehensive quality patient care and safety. This includes a fully staffed preoperative services program that carefully and thoroughly evaluates each patient prior to surgery.
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  spacebullet  spaceABOLA MD, RAMON
  spacebullet  spaceADSUMELLI MD, RISHIMANI
  spacebullet  spaceANDRAOUS MB-BCH.,WESAM
  spacebullet  spaceAZIM MD, SYED ALI
  spacebullet  spaceBEG MD, TAZEEN
  spacebullet  spaceBENNETT-GUERRERO MD, ELLIOTT
  spacebullet  spaceCORRADO MD, THOMAS
  spacebullet  spaceCOSTA MD, ANA
  spacebullet  spaceDELEMOS MD, MICHELLE
  spacebullet  spaceFLEISCHER MD, LAUREN
  spacebullet  spaceFLORENCE MD, F. BARRY
  spacebullet  spaceGAN MD, TONG JOO
  spacebullet  spaceGERALEMOU MD, SOFIA
  spacebullet  spaceGRIFFEL MD, MARTIN
  spacebullet  spaceGRUEN DO, AMY
  spacebullet  spaceGUO MD, XIAOJUN
  spacebullet  spaceGUPTA MD, RUCHIR
  spacebullet  spaceIZRAILTYAN MD, IGOR
  spacebullet  spaceJACOB MD, ZVI
  spacebullet  spaceJASIEWICZ DO, RONALD
  spacebullet  spaceKOGAN DO, ANNA
  spacebullet  spaceKOWAL MD, RENATA
  spacebullet  spaceLAGADE MD, MARIA R
  spacebullet  spaceLANDMAN DO, URSULA
  spacebullet  spaceLIN MD, PHD, JUN
  spacebullet  spaceLIU MD, PHD, LIXIN
  spacebullet  spaceLOKSHINA MD, IRINA
  spacebullet  spaceMAKARYUS MD, RANY
  spacebullet  spaceMOLLER MD, DARYN
  spacebullet  spaceOLESZAK MD, SLAWOMIR
  spacebullet  spacePAGE MD, CHRISTOPHER
  spacebullet  spacePALMIERI DO, MARCO
  spacebullet  spacePARK MD, SHERWIN
  spacebullet  spacePOOVATHOOR MD, SHAJI P.
  spacebullet  spacePOPPERS MD, PHD, JEREMY S.
  spacebullet  spacePROBST MD, STEPHEN
  spacebullet  spaceREDMOND MD, MARTIN
  spacebullet  spaceRICHMAN MB, CHB.,DEBORAH
  spacebullet  spaceROMANO DO, ELEANOR
  spacebullet  spaceROSENFELD MD, KENNETH
  spacebullet  spaceSADEAN MD, MIHAI
  spacebullet  spaceSAUNDERS MD, TRACIE ANN
  spacebullet  spaceSCHABEL MD, JOY
  spacebullet  spaceSCOTT MD, BHARATHI
  spacebullet  spaceSHAH MD, SYED
  spacebullet  spaceSTEINBERG MD, ELLEN
  spacebullet  spaceSTELLACCIO MD, FRANCIS
  spacebullet  spaceTEWARI DO, NEERA
  spacebullet  spaceTITO MD, MATTHEW
  spacebullet  spaceVITKUN MD, PHD, STEPHEN
  spacebullet  spaceVOUTSAS MD, ANDREA
  spacebullet  spaceVUONG MD, WILLIAM
  spacebullet  spaceWANG MD, MENG
  spacebullet  spaceWILLOUGHBY MD, PAUL
  spacebullet  spaceZABIROWICZ MD, ERIC

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