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EAST SETAUKET, NY 11733-3453
spacespace Ph. 631-444-0580
spacespace Fax 631-444-0562
space space
  This is one of many convenient physician offices that are staffed by providers affiliated with Stony Brook Medicine University Physicians. There are 800 such providers practicing within 18 specialty groups that provide quality medical services from primary care to the most advanced specialty care for patients of all ages. Use the Visit our Offices link to view information on all of our locations.
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  spacebullet  spaceABATE MD, MERSEMA
  spacebullet  spaceAHMAD MD, SAHAR
  spacebullet  spaceAMIN MD, MOHAMMAD
  spacebullet  spaceARBEIT MD, LEONARD
  spacebullet  spaceBAG-OZBEK MD, AYSE
  spacebullet  spaceBENSON MD, DAVID
  spacebullet  spaceBLOOM MD, MICHELLE
  spacebullet  spaceBRUNO MD, PETER
  spacebullet  spaceBUCOBO MD, JUAN CARLOS
  spacebullet  spaceBUSCAGLIA MD, JONATHAN
  spacebullet  spaceCARLSON MD, HAROLD
  spacebullet  spaceCESA MD, CHRISTOPHER
  spacebullet  spaceCHARITOU MD, MARINA
  spacebullet  spaceCHAWLA MD, OPKAR
  spacebullet  spaceCHERNYAVSKIY MD, IGOR
  spacebullet  spaceCHRYSSOS MD, EMANUEL
  spacebullet  spaceCHUNG MD, GRACE
  spacebullet  spaceCOTGREAVE PA, JACLYN
  spacebullet  spaceDERVAN MD, JOHN
  spacebullet  spaceDESAI MD, ALPA G.
  spacebullet  spaceDONELAN MD, SUSAN
  spacebullet  spaceESCHLER MD, DEIRDRE
  spacebullet  spaceFAN MD, ROGER
  spacebullet  spaceFIELDS MD, SUZANNE
  spacebullet  spaceFODA MD, HUSSEIN
  spacebullet  spaceFRANKO MD, DAVID
  spacebullet  spaceFRIES MD, BETTINA
  spacebullet  spaceFUHRER MD, JACK
  spacebullet  spaceGAFFNEY-ADAMS MD, ALEXEA
  spacebullet  spaceGELATO MD, MARIE
  spacebullet  spaceGILL MD, GAGANDEEP
  spacebullet  spaceGOLD MD, AVRAM
  spacebullet  spaceGOODRICH MD, DAVID
  spacebullet  spaceGOR MD, CHIRAYU
  spacebullet  spaceHASANEEN MD, NADIA
  spacebullet  spaceHEINEMANN MD, DONNA
  spacebullet  spaceHENSLEY MD, JENNIFER
  spacebullet  spaceHWU MD, IRENE
  spacebullet  spaceJONES MD, STEPHANIE
  spacebullet  spaceKAPOOR MD, ANOOP
  spacebullet  spaceKATZ MD, JORDAN
  spacebullet  spaceKLEIN-RITTER MD, DIANE
  spacebullet  spaceKOCHAR MD, JASJIT
  spacebullet  spaceKORT MD, SMADAR
  spacebullet  spaceKRANZ MD, KIMBERLY
  spacebullet  spaceKRAVETS MD, IGOR
  spacebullet  spaceLANE MD, SUSAN
  spacebullet  spaceLASCARIDES MD, CHRIS
  spacebullet  spaceLAWSON MD, WILLIAM E.
  spacebullet  spaceLEE MD, SUSAN
  spacebullet  spaceLENSE MD, LLOYD
  spacebullet  spaceLIEBERTHAL MD, WILFRED
  spacebullet  spaceLIMSUVANROT DO, LILY
  spacebullet  spaceLUBARSKY DO, LEV
  spacebullet  spaceLUFT MD, BENJAMIN
  spacebullet  spaceMALLIPATTU MD, SANDEEP
  spacebullet  spaceMANI MD, ANIL
  spacebullet  spaceMANN MD, NOELLE
  spacebullet  spaceMANSOUR MD, MOHAMED
  spacebullet  spaceMARCOS-RAYMUNDO PHY, SUR.,LUIS
  spacebullet  spaceMAXWELL MD, CAROLYN
  spacebullet  spaceMCBREARTY MD, THOMAS
  spacebullet  spaceMILLER MD, JOSHUA
  spacebullet  spaceMONTELLESE MD, DANIEL
  spacebullet  spaceNICASTRI MD, CATHERINE
  spacebullet  spaceNOVOTNY MD, HOWARD
  spacebullet  spaceNOZDROVICKY PA, BRIDGET
  spacebullet  spacePALMER MD, LUCY
  spacebullet  spacePARIKH MD, PUJA
  spacebullet  spacePATEL MD, JIGNESH
  spacebullet  spacePATEL MD, MANDEEP
  spacebullet  spacePATEL MD, NEAL
  spacebullet  spacePATEL MD, PRUTHVI
  spacebullet  spacePATEL MD, RAJEEV
  spacebullet  spacePATNAIK MD, ASHA
  spacebullet  spaceQUICK PA, JOYCE
  spacebullet  spaceRAEDER MD, ERNST
  spacebullet  spaceRAJAPAKSE MD, RAMONA
  spacebullet  spaceRASHBA MD, ERIC
  spacebullet  spaceRIBAUDO MD, THOMAS
  spacebullet  spaceRICHMAN MD, PAUL
  spacebullet  spaceSADIGH MD, MPH, TM.,KAVEH
  spacebullet  spaceSADLOFSKY DO, JASON
  spacebullet  spaceSAUNDERS MD, MITCHELL
  spacebullet  spaceSCALERA NP, JOAN
  spacebullet  spaceSCHUSTER MD, MICHAEL
  spacebullet  spaceSIVADAS MD, REKHA
  spacebullet  spaceSKOPICKI MD, PHD, HAL
  spacebullet  spaceSMALDONE MD, GERALD
  spacebullet  spaceSPINNATO MD, TRACEY
  spacebullet  spaceSTEHLIN PA, MURIEL
  spacebullet  spaceSTEIGBIGEL MD, ROY T.
  spacebullet  spaceSTEIN DO, SCOTT
  spacebullet  spaceSTRACHAN MD, PAUL
  spacebullet  spaceSTRANO-PAUL MD, LISA
  spacebullet  spaceSUH MD, HEESUCK
  spacebullet  spaceVERGA MD, TREVOR
  spacebullet  spaceVLAY MD, STEPHEN C.
  spacebullet  spaceWEINSTEIN DO, JONATHAN
  spacebullet  spaceWERTHEIM MD, WILLIAM
  spacebullet  spaceYANG MD, PHD, VINCENT
  spacebullet  spaceYAO MD, QINGPING

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